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This community is for the posting of fiction based on the new Doctor Who series that began in 2005, and its spinoff Torchwood, in answer to the bi-weekly challenges only. Please do not post announcements or solicitations to this community.

This community is modelled on the ff_friday Firefly Friday and sentinel_thurs Sentinel Thursday challenge communities.

New challenges are posted every Friday. You may still answer previous/closed challenges at any time, just make sure that you mention what challenge your entry is for.

You can submit drabbles and fics from 100 to 2000 words in response to the weekly challenges. No one will be penalised for going over slightly, but try and keep to the limit. This community is a challenge to write a story in a specific amount of words, in a specific amount of time, it's part of the fun to keep to that limit.

Anything from the new Dr Who 2005/2006 series is fair game, whether the ninth doctor, or tenth is your fancy, or you prefer Capt. Jack, as are any pairings or characters from those series. This community accepts slash, gen and het. No flaming, 'ship wars or character bashing will be tolerated. However, warnings for content and possible squicks like, kink, n/c, character death, are polite, and will allow people to skip what they don't wish to read.

Please read the challenge carefully. Previous challenges and responses can be found by browsing the tags. New challenges can be suggested in the comments of the last challenge post.

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