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lightning_bug88 in dw_challenge

First Challenge Fic

Title: Challenge Fic
Characters: Ninth Doctor and Rose
Word Count: about 475
Rating: little bit G, little but PG
Author's Note:Having never written DW challenge fic before, I collected all the challenges and wrote a fic that incorporates them in order from the first to the last. I hope you enjoy it and I would love any comments you have. To be on the safe side, let's say it contains spoilers for all of Chris's season. As always, this is done with love for no monetary gain because I don't own the characters, their situations, or the actors that portray them (well, not yet).

“Never in your life?” Rose looked at him disbelievingly.


“You’ve never played lost and found? How is that possible?” Black leather not withstanding, everyone played that game.

“I thought you lot called it “Hide and Seek” at home?”

“Don’t defect. We’re playing.”

“Rose, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. You’d never find me.”

“You might be surprised. I always found Mikey, even if he left the estate.”
Strange creatures and their comfort rituals, thought the Doctor.

“Rose, I don’t hide.”

“Fine, I’ll hide. You’re so smart, you find me.”

The tables had turned quickly. The Doctor knew Rose would hide until she was found.


“No second chances at not being ‘it.’ Count.”

She turned him around to face the wall.

“You promised fun. Now, show me fun.”

This ridiculous game had nothing to do with the survival of a planet. Yet here was the defender of planets changed into “it” for a shop girl.

Rose walked through endless corridors that all looked similar. It seemed the only constant in her rapidly expanding universe was change. She heard faint music, and found herself in the clothes wardrobe, listening to the beginning of a Glenn Miller song. A fleeting memory of her console dance with the Doctor, one that had impressed itself deeply into her, resurfaced.

She suddenly remembered the lesson he tried to impart whenever she got too close. They were friends; this was a friend ship. She giggled at her own pun and hid. Maybe it was time to shake things up.

“A formula must prove the universal constant that any female companion must obsess about the wardrobe,” the Doctor thought aloud. It took him only seconds to see Rose camouflaged among the sequins in the back, right, second floor cupboard.

He heard her try to silence her giggles with her hand. He pulled open the cupboard with a flourish.

“If you’re trying to cover your giggles so I won’t hear, you’re too late.”

Rose laughed harder and he pulled her out. When she stood, she threw a feather boas over the Doctor’s head to settle on his shoulders. She giggled harder.

“Something funny?”

“You look like you’re going to carnival.”

The Doctor felt his hands around her waist, but she didn’t care, and he decided not to mention anything.

“That’s it, let’s go to carnival! Take me, please?”

Her sweet request froze all objections the Doctor catalogued while she spoke. She couldn’t know her power as she pressed against him and looked at him pleadingly. His thoughts melted with suppressed heat.

“Fine. Just don’t tell Jackie I corrupted you by taking you to carnival. I don’t fancy another slap.”
Rose smiled seductively, leaving the Doctor wondering if she understood exactly what she was doing. Then, as she pulled the boa slowly across his neck, he realized exactly how much danger he was in.


That was fun and cute. I like that you played around with the idea of the challenges and came up with something original.

If you could, though, would you edit your post to have some sort of header, even if it's just title, author, rating. You can leave the rest as an author's note.
Not a problem. Thanks for the encouragement!