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syrenslure in dw_challenge

Challenge the Twenty-Fourth...

Challenge the twenty-fourth...

100 to 2000 words about "defiant".

Please put anything longer than 100 words behind a cut tag.

Feel free to suggest future challenges in comments of challenge posts. Also, feel free to pimp the community in other forums, if it is allowed, and you know someone who might be interested in joining us.


Idea for a challenge

A challenge in which you cross Doctor Who and Life on Mars.
Here's the link to the challenge on another journal.
Also a Life on Mars crossover with Torchwood or SJA would be cool as well.
Are you interested in affiliating with "misc_fic_challenge," a community here on LiveJournal for writers? Our community has been slow, too, but I know myself and several other people are interested in not only posting in communities like this one (beautiful layout, by the way), but in having more affiliates.

(Sorry about lack of link; something isn't working at the moment...)